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“Mitá & Mitá” Festival Tac, Valladolid, Spain 2011

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Mitá & Mitá is a collaborative project where three different art forms meet together: painting, dance and music.

It was selected to participate at the XII Edition of the International Festival of Street Theater and Arts (TAC) . Valladolid, Spain. May 2011.

The installation was adapted to one of the performance spaces at  Laboratorio de las Artes (Lava). Large pieces of paper, mirrors and linoleum were assembled together forming a large ‘canvas’ (half black/half white) that occupied 150 m2 of the total space. A black and white pattern formed by points and lines was hand painted all over the surface. The remaining walls held an exhibition of 24 drawings.

Mitá & Mitá was presented as a  life performance. It lasted for three consecutive days, from 1:30 pm to 10 pm. Anyone who visited the space could participate in the happening, painting, while experiencing the music of Jesús Prieto “Pitti” playing life.  Bea Ortiz was at the space for 8 hours a day painting and drawing the visitors into participating in the happening. The main objective was to transform the whole space into a huge mural by just connecting points and lines.

The piece culminates with a final performance (25’) where dance, music  and painting join together.  Eva Simón performs and presents her choreography work, Jesús Prieto “Pitti” plays life his original music and Bea Ortiz paints this time on the human body that fuses into the net of constellations. The painting now acquires movement and three-dimensionality.                                   This final action, unique and unrepeatable transforms the installation into a hypnotic and evocative experience.

Autor: trapote

empresario de turismo rural en el Bierzo.


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